* Using zntxhan Guide
* Program tirme carrion Türkçe
. RSC about the program's language of the text file uzantısıdir.
. RSC text description of the program also includes promotional and advertising articles ...

. RSC language files from the most appropriate for English les tirme roads program is currently zntxhan.
In the program
2 types of ways
1. via text
2. by hex

they are the easiest method to use for text files via the English language is lestirmek.
v1.61 release zntxhan de
. RSC ie the row. r01 and other kinds of arrangements are possible.
. RSC correcting some issues are important to be careful.
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>> example;

options - option (s)
about - about
language - language
setting - settings

Like ...

+ Symbian-based programs da;
. txt (text document)
. r01
. R14
general information about the language of the file types that are there ...
[Image: 15g76dh.jpg]
+ Java-based files;
. class is the most used ...

+ Python-based programs da;
. py
. pyc
. txt (text document)

The language files are also available as ...

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