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Thread: GL Texas Hold'em Poker by D@nilYcH - Retail

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    Arrow GL Texas Hold'em Poker by D@nilYcH - Retail

    Texas Hold'em Poker
    by Gameloft

    Prepare to Become a Poker Ace

    Whether you are a poker fan or not, discover all the popular poker modes: tournament, cash game, and heads-up. Improve your poker knowledge and expertise thanks to the real coach. Learn everything there is to know about winning hands, bluffing, and more. Also take advantage of interactive help available in all games that will give you the best advice on making the right decision at the right moment. No matter your skill level, impress your friends with wild parties, thanks to the Bluetooth mode that allows you to take on opponents of all levels.

    - 3 Game Modes: tournament, cash game, and heads-up;
    - Coach Mode: a real teacher with lessons and quizzes to test your knowledge;
    - Interactive help available at any time to advise you on which strategy to follow;
    - Elaborate artificial intelligence gives life to your rivals and makes them react like real players;
    - New Bluetooth mode to play against your friends!

    supplied by D@nilYcH

    Original versions for

    Acer F1/S200 NeoTouch (480x800) (WM) Secured URL
    Asus P552 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Snap S521 (320x240) Secured URL
    HTC S740 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch P3450 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Dual P5500 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Viva T2223 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch 3G T3232 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch 2 T3333 (Java) (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch 2 T3333 (240x320) (WM) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Touch Cruise 09/Iolite T4242 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Diamond P3700 (480x640) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Pro 2 T7373 (480x800) (WM) Secured URL
    HTC Touch HD T8282 (480x800) Secured URL
    HTC HD2 T8585 (480x800) (WM) Secured URL
    LG GW820 eXpo (480x800) (WM) Secured URL
    LG KS20 (240x320) Secured URL
    O2 XDA Zest (480x640) Secured URL
    Palm Treo Pro 850 (320x320) Secured URL
    Samsung C6625 (320x240) Secured URL
    Samsung i607 BlackJack (320x240) Secured URL
    Samsung i637 Jack (320x240) Secured URL
    Samsung i640 (320x240) Secured URL
    Samsung i900 Omnia (240x400) Secured URL
    Samsung i8000 Omnia II (480x800) (WM) Secured URL
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 (480x800) Secured URL
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 (480x800) (WM) Secured URL
    Toshiba TG01 (Java) (480x800) Secured URL
    Toshiba TG01 (WM) (480x800) Secured URL

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