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    Arrow Deep Green Chess

    Deep Green for iPhone and iPod touch is finally here. Playing chess has never been such a pleasant experience. On any platform!

    Everything is beautifully rendered; from the board and pieces to the way they animate. If you want to to truly enjoy chess, make sure to download Deep Green.


    - Play against engine or human, or engine vs. engine
    - Adjustable engine strength
    - Concentration setting allows the engine to play more like a human
    - Manual board setup
    - Playback game (forward/backward, animated replay, drag slider)
    - Show last move
    - Suggest move (animated on board)
    - Take back moves (undo, all the way back to start)
    - Free choice between tap/tap and drag/drop moving (no need to set preference)
    - Show captured pieces
    - Game state saved between program sessions
    - Small memory footprint, around 2MB
    - Clean and beautiful user interface


    - The best portable chess EVER!
    - This is possibly the best computerised chess program I have played! Small, simple but infinitely playable. Excellent!
    - Great UI... but it beats me thoroughly at 1 second difficulty! Thanks a lot!
    - I love your game! It's one of the best chess games I've ever played.
    - Deep Green made me play chess again!

    Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
    Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update
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