I don't know if this has been around here and if it has sorry for posting it again!
I've been playing with the handy shell desktop and I was so mad about the poor buit-in taskmanager!! So I tried and replaced successfully the built in task man with the JBaktaskman So now the packet it's complete! Here's how:

1. Make sure your phone is hacked and you have caps off
2. Also with a task manager find HandyTaskmanLite process and terminate it.
3. With a file explorer go to the C:\sys\bin folder (Make sure you can see system folders)
4. From there copy the JbakTaskMan.exe to another folder on you mobile!
6. Copy the renamed executable back to the C:\sys\bin folder and replace the current one!
7. Now enjoy the power of the best task manager

As you can realize from this procedure you can luunch ANY app with the menu key lomg press as long as you rename a copy of it's process as HandyTaskmanLite.exe