; *** Patch: Open4All ***
; Author: wadowice
; Date: 29-Jan-09
; This patch open branch c:\sys\bin for all file navigators.
; Must hack your handy by use of DeltaFoX mehod.
; Must install ROMpatcher and then copy this patch-file at e:\patches\Open4All.rmp
; Runs ROMpatcher and Apply
; MODO not useful now.
; Thank-you to WiTch3d, DeltaFoX, Zorn, FCA00000
SnR:sys\bin\efile.exe:5C005200DFFFDFFF450053004F00 55005200430045005C00DFFF00005C00500052004900:20005 20020FF20FF200053004F0055005200430045005C00DFFF000 05C00200022002900