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    DJ Mix Tour by Gameloft

    Test your sense of rhythm in a fun and crazy club atmosphere - make people get on the dance floor!

    Features (may vary by handset):

    * Simple and addictive gameplay: Press the keys in rhythm with the music. But beware the wrong notes!
    * Follow the path of fame: Start as an unknown DJ and become the star of mix on famous dancefloors.
    * 11 licensed songs which make you move on the dancefloor: Alive, Drop the Pressure, and more.
    * 5 different locations: the beach, a luxurious penthouse, the hottest nightclubs, and more.
    * Enjoy the games crazy club atmosphere with frenzied crowds and immersive backgrounds.
    * 2 game modes (Career or Free Play Mode) and 3 levels of difficulty to test your sense of rhythm.

    supplied by negrohernan

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