How To Take Amazing Looking
Close-Up Videos With Your Mobile Phone

Nokia N95 Carl ZeissTechnology progresses and ability to add high quality digital camera modules to mobile devices has opened up entirely new dimensions for the people by providing the liberty of capturing whenever they want and whatever they want!

Symbian S60 devices based on the great Texas’s OMAP chipset are capable to process video best video among the mobile phone. Phones like Nokia N95, Nokia N82, and Nokia N93 especially are capable of recording video in VGA (640x480) resolution at 30 fps which is pretty impressive but unfortunately all of them lack ability to use auto focus in video mode and none of these Nokia devices isn’t capable to capture video in macro mode!

Fortunately situation for S60 users is not that bad at all, Samsung’s INNOV8 has the greatly improved camera functionality and is the first ever Smartphone that packs impressive 8MPX CMOS camera sensor which allows photography enthusiast to take amazing photos.

Beside the powerful 8.0-megapixel image sensor INNOV8 is also equipped with latest imaging technologies and a full set of automatic functions for intuitive ease of use supports auto focus as well as macro mode with the video recorder!

You can even capture video at 120 frames per second in a slow motion video camera mode and with a bit better sound recording it will be even better solution for video recording than Nokia N93.

Anyway, thanks to our Georgije who has found a way to trick the camera, all N95/N82 owners are able to switch in macro mode while recoding video!

I don't know if you guys have heard about this before, but it was definitely a surprise for me. I have wanted to be able to make videos in macro mode for a while, but sadly there is no option to do this. But now i found out that it's actually possible by hitting your phone while you are in video mode. It sounds crazy, but it works.

Here's a video i made, remember to watch it in high quality:

Nokia N95 macro mode video

Switching the camera into a close up mode allow s you to to shoot less than 10cm from the subject and permits you to record barely credible close ups of tiny objects such as such as flowers, little insects or coins for example! When you are using a video macro mode you must be noted that it is harder to focus for the digital camera instantly, so it takes a bit of time for adjustment!
A Nice How To From Part Time Reviewer

So, in short, all you have to do is to start video recorder and than simply make a stronger tap on the back of the phopne around teh camera lens and phone will immidietly switch to close up mode as yopu can see Above in the nice how to made video by folks over at finestfones.

Source: SF forum
Author: Georgije and Teo