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Thread: Symbian OS9.4 (s60v5) Application Section Rules and Guidelines [revised 10/12/11]

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    Lightbulb Symbian OS9.4 (s60v5) Application Section Rules and Guidelines [revised 10/12/11]

    Symbian OS9.x Application Section Rules/Guide

    All members please read the below rules and regulation before uploading any application on OS9.1 Application section.


    1. Double posting NOT allowed
    Double posting of any application is NOT allowed. By double post/thread we mean that application has;
    i. Same functionality,
    ii. Same version.

    This however does not apply to same applications and version offering a ‘different’ mode of cracking and registration method. The admin/mod team reserves the right to determine this, otherwise, all will be locked and/or deleted, and the offending party warned or banned for continuously ignoring the rule.
    2. Proper posting of application
    Screen shot related to application is needed (screenshot is a captured image of app in action/working, from a device, not a preview released image/pack shot)..No screenshot directly from the application developersite, upload it to other hosting site instead and also the change log in newer version (if any).
    3. Demo NOT allowed
    No Trial and demo Versions are allowed including 'Fake' releases. Habitual or consistent offender will be 'reprimanded', warned or worst get banned by Admins/S-mods without notice.
    4. Uploading Rules
    With immediate effect starting from 10th December 2011, all new threads started in mobile apps/games/themes sections must include a download link from a multi-hosting site such as MultiUpload or MirrorCreator in addition to any of your own links you may want to provide. This new rule will benefit all members as downloading files will now be more convenient.

    v. Modified Menu Icons with Application should be uploaded externally.

    1. Regarding Releases

    • The apps that are posted here are NOT written by the member who released them.
    • If you find bug(s) in an application you MUST download & install a trial version and check if the bug(s) are there or not.
    • If the bug(s) still exist then you should be contacting the developers website (the people who write them) and it's advisable to say you are using the trial version
    • If the bug(s) are not there in the trial version and ONLY then post the bug/problem in the thread where you found the app. Then you put a short description of the bug, what your phone is and firmware. There is no need to post much else as this might cause problems.
    2. Communication between users

    • If you want to say thank you to the poster who released the app, then click on the rep button (if possible) and then maybe something like "Thank you for this [membername], this works great on my [mobile]".
    • Do NOT use swear words or give abuse to anyone and remember this is a friendly forum so be polite & keep it that way.
    3. Thread Status
    i. Freeware : Will never be trashed.

    ii. Freeware with limited access : Will remain Locked.

    iii. Shareware : Will be trashed.

    iv. Cracked : Cracked version posted before by other cracker will remain locked. But it is up to decision of the moderators to look into the geniunity of the crack. If any plagiarisms found then it will be trashed and user will be warned.

    v. Same Soft, Same version different methods: If xyz regged "abc soft" and def cracked the same "abc soft" and other is keygened the same "abc soft" all the versions will remain open on the forum until and unless the users complain about [not workin of the release]

    vi. Same soft and same version different retails. Thread will be locked. This is also up to the moderators to check the genuinity of the retail. If plagiarized then it will be trashed and user will be warned

    vii. No member must act as moderator to claim their versions are correct. Members are allowed to send a PM regarding it to concern moderator or the admin who is looking after this thread and section. Open forum tussle between any one will not be tolerated.
    4. Right Subject Title

    Please use the right form to write your tittle or the "game/app/file.." will not show on the "Search". At least the First 3 real names of the file must be clear with "space" in between, NOT with underscores( _ ), dots( . ), dashes( - ), etc... Read THIS

    5. Request for application

    Request for applications only HERE. All requests outside this thread will be merged to it.

    Post PYTHON Application/Hacks/Games HERE
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