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Thread: Install N-gage Game in unhackable firmware like N82 v30 100% working! Completed Tutor

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    New Install N-gage Game in unhackable firmware like N82 v30 100% working! Completed Tutor

    Finally, firmware
    with unhackable can install N-Gage game now.
    Just follow the step below then you will found it is perfect (the only thing that is not perfect, is you need to select try game each time you start the game.) but don’t worry all the game is already unlocked and save data also working fine. (I tested my self in N82 v30 on my friends mob).
    My device
    N82 firmware v30
    Clear upgrade so don’t have any rootcert, installserver.exe inside
    N-Gage Platform 2.0 lastest official release – no cracked at all

    That’s mean you don’t need to hack your phone you also can install cracked game from BinPDA to your phone by using my method.

    - A compatible s60 phone
    - Your phone cert and key (must have) – you can apply by follow this post to request ur cert and key file[CODE][/CODE] or at[CODE][/CODE]

    - Software from the attachment

    *the reason that you need your phone cert and key is because BinPDA cracked their game and sign with their cert so you need to use their rootcert to install the game but this method is to overwrite their rootcert and sign your own phone cert so you can install the game.
    *However, some of the game also can’t be install after you sign it with you cert because the cert that we have is only 17right from Nokia. Therefore, I have remove and edit the game from BinPDA and make it can install from your own cert (hacking make fun…).

    1. Unzip the signing tool

    2. Rename your certificate to cert and registry key to key then put it in the signing folder

    3. Extract your game and put to then put in the same folder

    4. Rename the game to game

    5. Double click on sign game

    When see this screen, just press any key on the keyboard, then the app will start to sign your game

    After that you will get the above message, press any key on keyboard again to close this message

    After that you can see the “game.signed” appear in the same folder. This is the game that sign with your cert and key

    6. Put the game.signed to your n-gage folder and start install the game. Enjoy!

    *Reminder – some of the game will appear the dialog to ask you whether want to try the game or purchase the game. Just click on try game, it is full version don’t worry.

    Special THANKS to BINPDA, they are the greatest group, without them I also can’t make this work. BINPDA thank you.

    Credit to
    BINPDA for cracking the game for all of us
    One of the forum that I get the signgame software
    Jason who modified the game so it can install 100%…

    World Series of Poker
    System Rush Evolution
    Mile High Pinball
    Hooked on Creatures of the Deep
    Block Breaker Deluxe
    Asphalt 3

    those games that listed above can be directly sign with the software by using the original Binpda cracked game. Those can install without my editing.

    I will upload other game that will be editd and modify by jason later.

    Games that were modified and edited by jason
    fifa 09


    digital legends one

    [CODE] tml[/CODE]

    brain challenge


    star wars


    the sims pets 2

    dirk dagger

    brothers in arms

    [CODE] l[/CODE]

    reset generation




    space impact




    Resident Evil

    Boom Blox cracked-BinPDA modified-jasonmy99 (tested 100% working in N82) (Should work in all the S60 V3. FP1)

    bounce boing

    midnight pool

    Creatures of the deep

    Mile high pinball:

    Block Breaker Deluxe mod

    Worm :


    Metal gear solid:

    Fifa 08:


    Crash bandicot nito cart:

    and also the credit goes to jason who found this way.jason
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