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Thread: Rf2008hd & rf2009hd [bug fix + new icon]

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    New Rf2008hd & rf2009hd [bug fix + new icon]

    This pack solved the previous problem with RF2008HD & RF2009HD, now both games can appeared on the menu at the same time. Instruction can be found inside the RAR archive.

    Real Football 2008: European Tournament HD
    • Join your favourite team for the European Nations Cup, the main event of the summer football season.
    • The new standard of high-quality mobile 3D graphics and animations which bring the action to life.
    • Play in four 3D-modeled stadiums.
    • Numerous cameras and spectacular cinematic scenes provide matches broadcast in a TV atmosphere.
    • Choose from over 200 teams (nations and clubs) to play for or against and take part in one of the 6 available leagues.
    • For the first time, advanced AI lets your teammates and opponents adapt to your playing style.

    Real Football 2009 HD
    • 3D graphics give you a full 360° of realism - you’ll almost feel the rumble of the crowd.
    • Create and train your own team in Real Football Manager Edition 2009, then export it to RF 2009.
    • High-quality sound effects for greater immersion in the stadium atmosphere.
    • Play as one of over 200 clubs and national teams in 6 different leagues.
    • Experience the atmosphere of 6 great football stadiums including Milan, Manchester, and Madrid.

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    Maria Adeline.
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