Unfortunately the maker of EmTube had a tragic accident, and recently passed away. We will always miss him for the joy he gav e us.

He was missing since a long time all his website said to wait until EmTube comes back.

it is not known where the source code has gone.

Google announced it official youtube EmTube clone for iphone and a beta release.

Go with your internal mobile phone browser to


It works but it isn't a nice application, I miss you, the maker of EmTube may God be with you in heaven.

See requim for EmTube on the net.

We also miss the maker of PearPC who died at the age of 22 in a tragic train accident.

See the pearpc homepage.

Unfortunately one of the makers of Winamp committed suicide after having problems with Aol.

We will miss you.... snif snif... got a cry, so young so beautiful people...

Wonder where there source codes go...