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Thread: All facebook cheats bots etc post here!!! (Word challenge bot)

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    New All facebook cheats bots etc post here!(Word, Brain challenge bot, pet society,poker)

    Hello all this is a bot for Word challenge online game on Facebook

    1: open the window write the letters that appear to the game
    2: click generate
    3 immediately after clicking generate and within 3 seconds focus word challenge window

    and thats it...

    The language that the program is using is English

    Please if anyone else has any other bot or knows how to freeze time on this games such as Who has the biggest brain challenge, Geo challenge etc post here...

    This is an application which you can get a really big high score on a facebook game (Word Challenge)
    I am deeply sorry for any mistakes i am kinda new to this

    also the brain challenge bot cracked by qqeqrqtr :woot:

    Originally Posted by qqeqrqtr View Post
    I found cracked version of brainbot demo

    Here is link

    Secured URL

    Its cracks the timer on the demo. so its alot faster just like the original
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