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Thread: Newbie Applications Here...& more to come...

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    Default Newbie Applications Here...& more to come...

    App for ANy BB with os 4.3 or Above
    Full App No Serial Required...

    Some Info on it...
    SaveNumberAs is an application that adds a simple feature to your device:

    Normally, when you receive a call from a number you don't have in your Contacts-List and want to add it to your Addressbook then you select the entry in the Call Log, click Menu and then click 'Add to Contacts'. Then the number will be added to your Addressbook but it is initially set as a Work-Number. Not all the calls you get are from Work-Numbers.

    Now you have the ability to add it to and number of the contact. This application adds an own Menu Item to the Call Log named 'Save Number as...'.

    When you click that Menu you are prompted which field you want to save the number to (Work, Home, Mobile).

    It is a tiny utility that makes the use of your favourite device even better. It does not have an Icon and only takes 4kb of RAM.

    Rapidshare Link -- Update Application 11/14/08

    Secured URL

    Another App...Vib&RIng
    Full App....
    O.S 4.2 and Above

    Everyone knows the problem when an incoming call is received:
    Firstly the device vibrates and only after the vibrating is finished, the ringtone starts to play. Unfortunately this often leads to missed calls.

    Finally there is a solution to this: VibAndRing!

    This simple application allows you to set the vibration alert and the ringtone alert at the same time. You can also set how long the vibration alert should last.

    Rapidshare Link
    Secured URL

    And 1 more App...Launch Pads
    Full App..

    This program allows the user to not only launch one application from a side-button; It gives you the choice to launch either the Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Camera or Calendar. The new version even allows you to launch own 3rd party applications, websites, calls, SMSs, Mails and Media files!

    You have to assign this application to one of the side-button and then when you click the side-button, a list of those items is shown.

    Through this, you can avoid changing into the launcher to switch programs, that saves a lot of time! It also gives you the opportunity to launch your favourite web pages!

    Secured URL

    Hope You Guys Enjoy The APps...
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