Tower Defense: Wrath of Gods

supplied by serviak

Action-Strategy Game with RPG elements.
Cruel monsters are attacking your world destroying houses and eating your friends. The only way to stop them is to use Towers – combination of magic and science, your new invention, your last hope.
Don’t let the world be destroyed. Build towers, install traps and repel monsters’ attacks. Killing them all is the only way to get over the curse of the Evil Gods! Nothing is lost while we’re alive! Figure out your own strategy and show your worth! To arms!


- RPG elements
- catching storyline
- addictive gameplay
- superior graphics
- 50 levels of non-stop action
- 6 kinds of monsters never yet seen
- multiple towers and traps
- 7 bosses
- well-matched soundtrack
- study mode
- interactive hints
- autosave
- 3 game modes

Language: English