As you've had know already from here about my intention, let's share our intentions/actions/thoughts about people we've encountered and dissapointed us in various moments in our lifes and HOW we can feel better after goin' through those moments...
That's why we drink ?
That's why some goes "high" ?
That's why we lie ?
That's why we act violent ?
That's why we brag about ourself in "what an wise and smart i am and you're not" or "how much power i have and you not" in some moments ???

It's about frustration OR education OR human nature ?
OR ALL TOGETHER (modesty or humility it's so out of question, AFAIK) ?!?
Or it's about how much or less we can feel these OR care about ?!?!?!?!
OR it's about too much worries, instead to go over and don't care so much (and be more selfish) ?!...
The power corrupts so much and make us more selfish ?!

N.B. I don't have an existential problem (AFAIK), i'm not an alcohoolic and don't take drugs (only smokin')