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Thread: This Mobile Software Can Save Your life...know what i'm talking about???

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    Default This Mobile Software Can Save Your life...know what i'm talking about???

    Smart SOS is the ONE & ONLY personal safety companion.

    You may not use this application often, but when you do, Smart SOS can save your life. All what you need to do is to installing Secured URL will silently capture images from your mobile camera and MMS them to your relatives or friends to help them identifying your place. All what you need to do is spending few minutes feeding your smart assistant and leave the rest for it. When you need your Smart SOS to act, a single click on the “OK” button will save the day.

    Key Features:
    -Send your accurate live location to your beloved in your customized SMS and Email Messages.
    -Send up to 10 SMS's to different contacts with / without GPS coordinates.
    -Send up to 10 predefined E-mails to different contacts with the ability to add GPS coordinates
    -Send snapshots to up to 10 recipients. Choose which camera to use “main / secondary camera”.
    -Initiate help requests even when key lock is on.

    Who Can Use Smart SOS?
    -Anyone can face emergencies anytime, anywhere.
    -Spending your weekend in the outskirts.
    -Traveling to a foreign country.
    -Having kids “a single click and you will know where they are”
    -Going to dangerous mission “a mission that you are worried about”.
    -A gift for your grandpa or grandma “any old person may need smart SOS”.
    -A sick beloved person who may need your help.
    -Sight Worker “desert, see, et

    (long press (OK) button starts execution)
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