Here is a tutorial which will show you how to add album art to your songs and also to edit their tag information. Tag information is the information which is displayed when you play the song such as artist name, album name, etc... Most music players have support for a certain level of tag information such as artist name, album art, etc... Nokia Music Player and LCG Jukebox are two examples of music players for S60 that have such a feature including support for album art.

This tutorial makes use of a tag editor known as Mp3Tag. You can download it from Secured URL.
Install this program and then follow the steps. I do not own a Macintosh and so am unable to help users with a Mac. It is suggested that you look for alternatives to mp3Tag, same goes for Linux users unless you can make it work with Wine.

NOTE: Take a backup of your music incase you do something wrong later on. Just to be safe

1) Open Mp3Tag, and you will be presented with the window as shown below:

2) Open your selection of music for a certain album or a single song that you wish to edit the tag information or add album art to. You can do this by either dragging the selection or by using the menu or the icon in the toolbar. Then you should have something which looks like this:

3) After selecting your music, drag the album art picture to the 'album art' box and then click on save icon on toolbar or select it from the menu. You will see a message like below followed by a success dialog box.

4) You can now test your music in LCG Jukebox or in the Nokia Music Player if it supports album art. As my N80's default music player does not support album art, I was not able to provide my own screenshot for this but rather got another screenshot from google which showed how it looked. However I have tested the music in LCG Jukebox, and it works great.

5) EXTRA STEP if you want to edit tag data. Select the music you wish to edit tags of, and then edit the tags using the options provided on the left hand side of mp3Tag and the click on save either using the toolbar icon or from the menu. A similar "Saving tags" window will appear as shown above followed by a 'success' dialog box.

This is supposedly the soon-to-be FAQ:

Q: Why did you recommend mp3Tag specifically and not (insert mp3 tag editor program here)?
A: This has been tested and provides the exact ID Tag version readable by Nokia default Music Player.

Q: I am having trouble editing single mp3 files, can you help me?
A: Select one song at a time, edit the tag, and then click save. It is a little troublesome for single files but its possible. Remember to make backups just in case something goes wrong.

Q: What size of album art picture do you recommend?
A: Depending on your screen resolution and mobile phone processor speed. A bigger album art picture will take longer to load. You can easily test this with LCG Jukebox. Something in the range of (150*150) to (300*300) should do fine.

Q: What version of ID3 Tag can the default music player read?
A: I am not very sure of this, but I think its v2.3 .

Q: Where can I find album art for (insert your favorite album here) ?
A: This thread is just to show you the process. To find album art pictures, you can use Google image search or other sites such as CDCovers or Amazon.

Q: I did everything you said in the tutorial, but I still can't see album art on my phone. My phone is N80, E65, N71, or another Symbian phone with left-handed music controls. What is wrong?
A: I am sorry to dissapoint you my friend, but your default music player does not support album art. I suggest you use LCG Jukebox which can be found over at our applications section. I did not provide links as various versions work with various phones only. For my N80, only v2.12 works fine, the others look stretched on my screen. Of course I am referring to the cracked versions.
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Thats all the FAQ I could think of at the moment. Please note that this is my first ever guide to be posted on the internet and so your critcism is highly appreciated in helping me improve my guide further.If you have any suggestions, you are very welcome to post them. And if I feel they will help improve the guide, I will include them in my guide and give you credit respectively.

You may post this guide on other forums you visit for the sake of helping others but just remember to include credits. If you need a name, you can use K12 or MKH or Khalid Hussain.

And before I forget, if mp3Tag has helped you, please consider donating a small amount for further development of the application. I am not endorsing it or anything, but I feel I have to post this as its such a great application provided free of charge.

This guide has been written from the ground up including screenshots (except the QVGA music player screenshot) by Mohammad Khalid Hussain (or K12 on some forums).