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Thread: App TRK v2.8.9 for N96 & N78 & N95 [updated 6/9/08]

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    Star App TRK v2.8.9 for N96 & N78 & N95 [updated 6/9/08]

    App TRK v2.8.9 for N96 & N78 & N95
    thnx to @catymag

    The App TRK tool is a small application which you install on your

    phone. It makes it possible to run and debug applications directly

    from Carbide.c++. It communicates with Carbide over a serial port,

    either using USB cable, Bluetooth or IR. This article will show how

    to perform On Device Debugging using USB cable.

    The App TRK tool supports important debug features such as setting

    breakpoints, monitoring variables etc. The tool is free, but to use

    it, a non-free version of Carbide.c++ is required, for example

    Carbide.c++ Developer Edition. Carbide.c++ is available here>>


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