Here's some instruction to convert your Tap Tap Revolution Songs to Tap Tap Revenge.

What you need for your converting songs are:
- m4a files
- old TTRevolution tap files
you can convert your tap files with open the old tap files from TTRevolution, paste the text to the textarea inside convert.htm
after you paste all the text, click "convert to tap tap revenge format" copy the converted text and paste to the tap files and save it.

After finish prepare the needed files, then upload those files to your iphone using scp or anything to folder:
m4a files to:
/var/mobile/Applications/E2C2B2AC-8DBA-4425-B3C6-F6A5FFA23F99/Documents/Tap Tap Revenge/Music
tap files to:
/var/mobile/Applications/E2C2B2AC-8DBA-4425-B3C6-F6A5FFA23F99/Documents/Tap Tap Revenge/Taps

Naming convention for the TTRevenge Files:
Taps/songs ([easy]/[medium]/[hard]/[extreme]).tap

After you upload all the files, just reopen your TTR, and play the songs

You can download the file from here (with 1 sample):

file inside ttr.zip:
-- convert.htm
-- working sample
----- Linkin Park - In The End (easy).tap
----- Linkin Park - In The End.m4a

- Secured URL
- Secured URL