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Thread: GL Bubble Bash by D@nilYcH - Retail

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    Arrow GL Bubble Bash by D@nilYcH - Retail

    Bubble Bash
    by Gameloft

    Blow up Bubbles and have a ball!

    Take off for Bubble Island and make your way through the 100 levels of this surprising puzzle game! Join Temaru and Maėva in their quest to find the Island treasure. Take a break in Bubble Bash™'s tropical setting and have ultimate fun as you test your skills. Burst bubbles by forming rows of at least 3 of the same color. But watch out, because there will be lots of obstacles along the way! The island's animals are rather determined to slow you down. You'll need some quick thinking and a whole lot of skill to shake off the angry monkeys, spiders, and parrots.

    - Take a break from your routine and take off for vacation in superb tropical island surroundings.
    - 13 different special bubbles, from the explosive bomb Bubble to the strategical chameleon Bubble
    - Extremely easy handling, anyone can play Bubble Bash™, but getting to the end requires lots of skill.
    - Play against gravity by moving bunches of bubbles attached to helium balloons!
    - 100 levels of surprising puzzles for hours of fun!

    supplied by D@nilYcH

    Original versions for

    Asus P552 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Star Trek 3100 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Pilgrim 8900 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC V1615 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Pharos P3470 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC TyTN II/Kaiser P4550 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Dual P5500 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Viva T2223 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch 3G T3232 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Cruise 09/Iolite T4242 (240x320) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Diamond P3700 (480x640) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Pro P4600 (480x640) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Diamond 2 T5353 (WM) (480x800) Secured URL
    HTC Touch Pro 2 T7373 (WM) (480x800) Secured URL
    HTC Touch HD T8282 (480x800) Secured URL
    LG KS20 (240x320) Secured URL
    Palm Treo 500 (240x320) Secured URL
    Palm Treo Pro 850 (320x320) Secured URL
    Samsung C6625 (320x240) Secured URL
    Samsung i200 (240x320) Secured URL
    Samsung i627 Propel Pro (WM) (320x240) Secured URL
    Samsung i637 Jack (WM) (320x240) Secured URL
    Samsung i640 (320x240) Secured URL
    Samsung i710 (240x320) Secured URL
    Samsung i780 (320x320) Secured URL
    Samsung i900 Omnia (240x400) Secured URL
    Samsung i8000 Omnia II (WM) (480x800) Secured URL
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 (480x800) Secured URL
    Toshiba TG01 (WM) (480x800) Secured URL

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