This trick is not posted in any forum in this world, so if anyone posts this atleast give some credits to me(Palji Parmar)

Ok so the trick is you need CoreCodec CorePlayer

I have a n82, so i have 1.2.5 installed, i will not give long description just few simple steps and start viewing your media files like never before.

In coreplayer first go to tools/preferences/select page/network.. Tick enable network access-select access point Mobile Office..

Tick prefer udp streaming.. From 4000 to 9999

enable youtube interface

youtube user- corecodec

YouTube format- Rtsp medium Quality

User Agent Spoof- wmv asf asx only

Press ok and again press tools/preferences/select page/buffering/

Normal buffer size: 1184kb
Preload at underrun: 70%
Preload for audio: 64kb

Press ok and exit coreplayer and you are done.

Now you require just a link ex: Secured URL

Open coreplayer menu/open url paste the link there, dont tick (as a podcast) and press ok and voila your coreplayer will start start streaming the video. You can stream any files which coreplayer supports. Ex: .3gp, .mp3, .avi, .flv, .jpg.. Any media file you dreamt of. You just require a link(resumable most preferable)

For youtube take a link ex: edit it. It should look like this youtube://rdNdmc83xe4 paste this url in coreplayer and it will start streaming.