PTC/PTR Scam List and Reviews

Hi. I have tried many PTC sites. Some have paid me, some that I have not reached payout and some that became scams.

I think that it is important to realise that, just as with so many things on the Net, there are many sites that are scams. We just have to work together to find out those that are valid and those that are scams.

Check out sites that do pay

I compiled the list of scam PTC/PTR sites from the WAHM forum, PTCTalk forum, gptboycott, getpaid forum, myLot, scamdatabase and uronlinebiz. It was obtained from the feedback given by the members in the forums and also this topic.

In addition to the list, I have also tried to have daily updates, warnings and reviews about PTC/PTR sites. Sometimes, a site may not be classified as scam yet, but there could be things that indicate that it may not be good investment. I may also include some positive reviews etc.

Please feel free to give me any feedback, suggestions or questions in this topic.

Scam List

This is a list of known scams that I have managed to compile and is definitely not exhaustive. There are other sites, especially new ones, that may not have revealed their 'true colors' yet. So, be careful with them. And even paying sites can suddenly become non-paying sites.

As a general warning, PTC/PTR sites that pay high amounts per click or high payouts would not be sustainable and most likely be scams. Which advertiser would be willing to pay $1 or more per click or email?

The scam sites are listed in Alphabetical Order, starting with Numbers, and then Letters. In the brackets, I tried to indicate the source and "not sustainable" means that it is not possible for the site to pay the high amounts of money they promise

1 (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

2 (Gptboycott)

3 (Gptboycott)


5 (uronlinebiz)


7 (Gptboycott)


a (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (watch list, gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (PtcTalk) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (read update 10 Dec 2007)

b (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)
bigdollat-mails (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (read update 25 Jan 2008) (read update 8 Dec 2007)
Is a scam?

c (uronlinebiz)
CassandrasClicks (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (read update 2 Dec 2007) (read update 7 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (read update 21 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (read update 2 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (read update 7 Dec 2007) (read update 23 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

d (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable)
DarkAngelMails (watch list, gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (promotes a list of scam sites) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz)

e (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (read update 14 Dec 2007) (read update 21 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

f (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (read update 2 Dec 2007) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz)

g (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (read update 15 Dec 2007)

h (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott)

i (PTCTalk) (update 20 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable)

j (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

k (uronlinebiz)

l (Gptboycott)

m (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (watch list, gptboycott) (MFMO) (read update 2 Dec 2007) (Gptboycott) (PtcTalk) (uronlinebiz) (misleading, read update 5 Jan 2008)

n (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (watch list, gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)
Nocs.Us (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott)

o (uronlinebiz) (promotes a list of scam sites) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott)

p (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (ptctalk) (from getpaidforum) (misleading - read update Jan 1 2008) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable)


r (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable)

s (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

t (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (pays to upgraded member only) (not sustainable)

u (not sustainable)

v (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (read update 7 Jan 2008) (uronlinebiz)

w (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott)

X (uronlinebiz)

y (read update 2 Dec 2007)

z (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz)

This list is not intended to bring down anyone's business. If you think that a website is listed in here wrongfully, you could indicate it in my guestbook and I will look into it. Thanks.

Are You Losing Referrals?
I have tested a few PTC sites and found a problem that could cause you to lose potential referrals. If I click on any other page on the site and then click on "register" the referrer id is no longer in the referrer id field.

This means that if someone uses your referral link, but click on some other page before registering he/she would NOT be registered as your referral. You would lose one referral and the site will have one more referral to sell.

At the time of testing, this occurs for:,,,, adbux$, adbuxpro,, adoost,,, asiabux,,,, brbux, brabux, brazilbux,,,,,,,,,, buxads,, buxcash, buxdotcom,,, buxpro,,, buxvertiser,, buxzone,,, cash-linkz, cash-truck, cashbuxer,,, cashposse,,, click4moreads,,, clix-hits,,,,,,, daddybux, devclix, doorbux, dotcash.890m,,,,,,, eurocentbux, everyrich, extreme-ads, ezrabux,,,,, galacygold, get5plus, getpaidtoguru,,,, gold5plus,, goldenbux,, hillbillybux,, huntingbux,,,, isbux, iklan247,, intbux, intearn, interbux,, isabelmarco, isbux,,, latinbux,, legitbux,,, linksbux, lucky-bux,, luobux,,,,, makbux,,, masbux, Mdbux, Megabux,,, minbux,,, money-website, mvpearn,,, newbux, nitroclix, nookgi,, online4ads,, paidclicxs, parabux,,,, payubux,,,,, prokickstarthits, ptclick, ptclix,, PTindex,, quickestshare,, realbux, rosebux,,, scrazybux, sebasbux,,,, spainbux,,,, SuzieQlinks,, tempscript,, theprofithouse,,, tobux, traffic2clicks,,,,,, view4bux, withadollar, wolfbux, xtremePtc, Y-fusion,,, zbest4bucks

Please let me know if there are any changes.

Illegal PTR sites
The following is a list of PTR sites that are using the CashCrusader script illegally. Secured URL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Positive Reviews
I think that to be fair, I should also include some Positive Reviews:

List of sites that have PAID my friends and I:

Clixsense,, AdverCash, AdverBux, and Matrixmails.. I will add more as soon as I get money.