Lextionary is a dictionary and thesaurus of the English language with features and information that are far superior to a normal dictionary. Instead of just having words organized alphabetically, Lextionary also organizes words by their semantic meaning. A normal dictionary only gives the definition of a word, but Lextionary starts with a definition and gives a multitude of links to others words. These links help define and place in context the word you are interested in and allow you to explore the word's relationship to other words.

If you look up the word bicycle in Lextionary you will get the definition of bicycle and links that will take you to more specific or less specific (more general) words. More specific words for bicycle include mountain bike, tandem and velocipede. More general words for bicycle include cycle or going even further, wheeled vehicle and vehicle. Lextionary can also give you words that belong to bicycle: chain, handlebar, pedal and wheel. A normal dictionary's definition of bicycle is not very useful to most people, but with Lextionary a writer or student has a powerful tool that opens up words and their relationships to each other.

Lextionary works equally well for people just learning English, or for native English speakers looking up a new word for the first time. By putting a word in context based on its meaning, Lextionary shows the subtleties of meaning and usage that cannot be conveyed by a definition alone.


* ClearType technology and 3 fonts sizes for maximum ease of use.
* 144,308 dictionary entries, all with definitions or sample usage.
* Over 335,000 links between words.
* Phonetic pronunciations.
* Highly compressed data.
* Phonetic and wildcard searches.
* Fast: nearly instant look ups.
* Over 1.6 million words in a 9 MB database.
* Includes American and British usages.

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