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Thread: A Nice Tip for LCG apps

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    Default A Nice Tip for LCG apps

    A NICE TIP: How to display system fonts in LCG applications

    LCG (Lonelycatgames) use its default fonts for its applications. Only in Slick (latest versions), there is an option to choose system fonts installed in your phone.
    BUT IF:

    - You are not satisfy when reading text documents by Xplore in your native language (especially language with accents on the characters)
    - You can not read your email by Profimail because it does not display correctly in your native language
    - Or you have installed a nice fonts set on your phone, but these fonts are never displayed in any LCG application

    THIS TIP will will help you to solve these problems

    Open LCG app, choose Menu, then go to Tools >> About
    At the About screen, simply press the number 800 on your keyboard, then press OK
    It will turn back to the main menu of the application, with your system fonts

    If the fonts is not big enough, just go to Tools >> Configurations >> UI font size, and change to your expected size.

    This tip can be applied for ANY LCG Applications

    (See examples on my screenshots)
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