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Thread: Gameloft Might and Magic N70 [W/Cinematic]

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    New Gameloft Might and Magic N70 [W/Cinematic]

    Gameloft Might and Magic N70 [W/Cinematic]
    Credits to rebenoj

    For centuries the world of Erathia has been laid waste by a war between humans and demons. To crown it all the king is being held prisoner by the demon armies. The hero Ewan is sent to rescue him by a mysterious nobleman. His quest results in many encounters: with an elf archer a captain of mercenaries and so on. But watch out for the traps set by the monsters who sow the seeds of chaos! Caution is also a weapon when youre up against these hostile environments.

    You play the role of Ewan in this magnificent epic set in the heart of the world of Erathia. Many of the characters you encounter will accompany you on your journey and you can direct them in order to overcome certain obstacles successfully. Some of these characters will be loyal allies while others wont think twice about joining the already crowded ranks of the demons!

    Moving through 15 levels youll have to alternate between phases that call for skillful dexterity and periods of reflection. You must find keys and solve riddles to open the doors to passages that are increasingly difficult to access. When land routes are impassable dont hesitate to use your rope to hang on to the rings that hang a few meters above the danger. And dont forget the increasingly powerful spells that youll learn to master and cast in turn. They are awesome supplements to your swords potential which used at full power is a formidable force.

    The colorful detailed graphics of the different universes are admirably combined with visual effects each of which is specific to a particular spell or weapon making every combat phase even more thrilling!

    - A tale thats jam-packed with exciting events in the world of Erathia.
    - Astounding isometric 3D graphics and superb visual effects!
    - A level of interaction thats unprecedented on mobile phones: spells weapons puzzles...
    - 15 levels alternating between mountains volcanoes and ice fields
    - Enter the Might & Magic connection to chat on your mobile.

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