hey everyone for "352,416" like n80.....u can play ngage in fullscreen i downloaded the 20001079.txt file from "h**p://www.ziddu.com/download.php?uid=a62dlZyoZ7KhnOKnY6qhkZSrYKqimpao3 "

C:\Private\10202be9\persists\20001079.cre and delete it.
C:\Private\10202be9\20001079.txt and replace it with the file from link above

then edit 0x00090002 string "nativewidth" 0
0x00090003 int 352 0
0x00090004 string "nativeheight" 0
0x00090005 int 416 0 in file thx to enej ....try it and see if it works 4 u....it worked 4 me.......and thx 2 enej again