The Bourne Conspiracy
by Vivendi Games Mobile

Experience signature Bourne fighting, gunplay and dramatic escapes.

Experience a signature Bourne mobile game experience! Gameplay combines melee fighting, gunplay and dramatic escapes. Become Jason Bourne, a 30 million dollar weapon. Experience his universe as both a ruthless agent and wanted assassin on the run. Employ Bourne techniques to weaponize your environment, display unconventional fight moves, acrobatic gun play, and devastating takedowns.

- Varied gameplay mechanics - foot pursuit scenes, sniper evasion and rappelling (climbing up a rope).
- Perform fighting acrobatic moves grab and strangle, disarm, double hits, enhanced by stunning character animations.
- Unlock 3 unique special powers, featuring slow motion, rage and deadly attack.
- Visit 7 different environments featuring real locations from the movies: notably Paris, Lithuania, Zurich, Marseilles, and the French countryside.
- Eye-catching destructible tile-set effects (destroy bales of hay and explode tables).

supplied by D@nilYcH & FENIKS

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