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Thread: [Python] Ringer (Automatic Call Unlimited)...Can Use For Tease!ُ

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    New [Python] Ringer (Automatic Call Unlimited)...Can Use For Tease!ُ

    Hi Guy's.

    Whit This App Your Can Tease And harm any people and do unlimited call's to any man...

    This App Do It Automaticly...

    This is First Sample app Written Under Python...

    Ok... Tutorial :

    1- First You Must Installed Python And Python Script Your Phone (Can Find Here...)

    2- second you Moved Attached File (Ringer.Py) In (C/E)!:/python With Any File Manager et. Xplore....

    3- third Go In Python App And Go "Option" And Select "Run Script"....

    4- When Select Run Script App Showed List Python's Script... You Select "" and App Started...

    5- first you give target number ... please give them....

    6- second you must give Number Of Call(It Is Unlimited)... please give them....

    7- third you must give "Random Second" (Time Summery Of Call)

    *You Can Continued Until your target turn off himself phone*

    * This App Has Edited From Me And Fixed Small Bugs !


    * This App And Tutorial Under LIcense On Mobilestan.Net

    File re-uploaded,
    thaks to smartjigar_2- RUMi
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