Hi everybody.
I found this. Thanx to ares and Darkus for this.

By ares on May 9th, 2008

This method was discovered by Darkus from smart-se.ru:

1. First, make some general tests using your contacts and messaging apps. Scroll, creat new, search by letter, insert, etc. Remember the speed of it!
2. Install pips_uiq_1_2_ss.sis
3. Install stdioserver_uiq_1_0.sis
4. Reboot. If necessary, reboot again.
5. Now…repeat the tests you made in 1
6. Watch how both contacts and messaging, the weak links of UIQ3 devices, are now working faster!

This is somewhat esoteric. Even our resident tech nerd (yeah nipsen, that´s you), could not explain it (yet). Fact is, it works, at least on the P1i. How about you guys?

Update: I tested on M600i and it works and some other guys reported working on P990i
All the files can be uninstalled so give it a try!