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Thread: Some More Special Folders Info for The Theme Masters and Mistresses


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    Default Some More Special Folders Info for The Theme Masters and Mistresses

    Some important info for the Great Theme Masters and Mistresses….and for everyone else here.

    I have managed to change all the 15 special folder icons with a theme.

    First the credits and thanks so I don step on other peoples discovery and hard work; Thanks to FCA00000 for the hack-without this none of this would have been possible, thanks to Rolan95d for the amazing 13 folder menu hack…nice work, Thanks to Xone for merging all 15 default folder icons into 1 *.mif file…..amazing work dude and a thanks to Zeq for how to use the non-application trick with major and minor ids….thanks buddy also very nice work.

    Also just a thanks to all theme makers for their amazing work, please apply my work so that all the folders change, Thank you.

    Now I went through a lot of trial and error and investigating to get it to work, if you wanna know exactly how I did it I’ll explain fully later as its kinda long and to avoid confussion I’m gonna give it to you pretty simple….but for now I’ll just say what I did and tell the amazing Theme Masters and Mistresses what to put in Carbide 3.2 to get them to work.

    Firstly this trick requires a hacked phone, but don worry it works cause the only way you would have the 15 folders is by having a hacked phone.

    We know the great trick that Zeq provided where you look at the icons minor and major id and in carbide you just add a 3rd party app but change it to non-application and input the minor and major ids…I have built apon that so you need to know……just to get all the info here I’ll give a simple walk through to how to do it:

    In carbide add a 3rd party icon…..change it to ‘non-application’ and input the major and minor id’s of the special folder.

    Inportant Note: I read on the forum about people having problems with the non-application trick just know that it does work but you gotta get everything right….its not your fault its actually Carbide’s…its way to sensitive when it comes to adding so just follow these rules:

    (don worry if you don understand what the minor and major ids are or where they are found, I’m telling you I’ll explain everything later just understand this part first)

    The Icon major and minor id’s start with ‘0x’ eg: ‘0x101f86e3’ you see that ‘0x’ in the start…well its not just any Zero and X, its actually some special symbol, by default when you add a new 3rd party icon carbide will automatically fill in something like this: 0x00000000….thats good now the music folder has the major id: 101f86e3, so to put that in…. place the cursor after the ‘0x’ and write in the major id…..yes you heard me write it in……you can copy and paste but that can cause a problem…..i know this sounds stupid but I’ve tested it and trust me its better to write it and another important thing when you name the new icon don not!!! And I repeat do not put brackets or commas….the icons won’t change if you call it Music folder (N95 and 82)…..i know its messed up but that’s what it is and a last thing keep the name small…… follow these rules for the major and minor id’s and it should work.

    Now you know that appshelldata.xml file it tells the phone what icons to place where, and the menu.mif file contains all the icons, the actual ones in vector and all, now we the icons major and minor id’s of the music and utilities folder and the help and office folder form the e-series were found form this xml file…….now your probly thinking why don we just get the minor and major id’s for all the folders…..good question that would certainly work…….but the problem is that all the icons don’t have one, they probly do but we can’t find them in the xml……

    Now what I did was I added a minor and major id for the folders that did’t have one, yea I looked at how the other folders were structured in the xml and I added mine….and guess what it actually worked!!!!
    Heres a table with the info:

    Now hold on, you see the red major and minor id’s, those are the ones I added and I’ll tell you why I picked those numbers: Now look at the Major id’s for all the icons not in red most of them infact all except 1 have ‘101f86e3’ as their major id so I picked that…………….now as for the Minor id I saw no pattern so I just simply went logically 0001, 0002 and so on………………….but excpt for the games, Zeq provided us with this information…………

    Music (N82/95): Major ID 0x101F86E3 Minor ID 0x1BDA
    Utilities (N82/95): Major ID 0x101F86E3 Minor ID 0x1BDB
    Music (N76/81): Major ID 0x101F86E3 Minor ID 0x1975
    Games (N76/81): Major ID 0x101F86E3 Minor ID 0x1977
    Utilities (N76/81): Major ID 0x101F86E3 Minor ID 0x1976
    Office (E51/E90): Major ID 0x101F86E3 Minor ID 0x16AF - On 3250 changes folder Music
    Help (E51/E90): Major ID 0x101F86E3 Minor ID 0x16B1
    Office (E65): Major ID 0x101F86E3 Minor ID 0x16B0
    Help (E65): Major ID 0x101F86E3 Minor ID 0x16B2

    Thanks Zeq (heres the link to his thread (

    Now that information is very helpful and it will surely change the folders for that specific device.

    These id's are form different phones so I just renamed the games folder to the N76 one so that the theme makers don’t have to repeat icons…………….

    Now To The Theme Makers…………….i’m sure you know this but carbide only has the 7 folders right: you can see form the table so can you please add the special folders you don have in carbide from this list using Zeqs non-appliaction trick and this will allow all the folders to change but only to those who have the xml and menu.mif file in my attachment,,,,this file has all the icons and should work on all phones hacked.

    Now one more thing............i read somewhere that the 13 folder menu trick does't work on N73 well i think i have fixed that and download the xml and mif file in my attachment and follow the tirck reboot and it should work now i don have a n73 to test it but i'll tell you what i did which probly fixed it:

    OK now I’m gonna tell you how the icons are structured in the xml and how the phone finds them. First off all the .mif file contains the actual icons of the phone eg: Music folder, profiles, voice commands..etc…now the .mif is found in the Z drive, we can access it but not change it so in the xml file which contains how the icons are placed in the menu there are lines like: “icon_file="Z:\resource\apps\Menu.mif” which obiausly means look in menu.mif for the icon, now rolan95d cleverly got a .mif that contained the 13 special folders and he added to the xml file the new folder icons by giving the address "C:\resource\apps\Menu.mif” and so you got extra icons however the .mif file did’t contain the help folder another .mif file had the help folder so he gave you that mif too but called it menu1.mif and for the address he used ="C:\resource\apps\Menu1.mif”….understand so far…
    OK now theres a mess in the xml file as theres links to 3 different mif files (a link to ="Z:\resource\apps\Menu.mif” and ="C:\resource\apps\Menu.mif” and ="C:\resource\apps\Menu1.mif” ) each containing different icons… this (I think) is the reason why you don’t get all the icons on N73 and N80 and other phones having problems getting all icons cause in newer S60 3rd phones we have the menu and utilities folders and all in the Z mif and in the xml it says look for the music folder icons in ="Z:\resource\apps\Menu.mif” now in your N73 the Z mif does not contain the music folder icon and hense doesn’t work and sence you can’t edit the z drive its not possible…..untill now, now this is where Xone comes in; he merged all 15 default folder icons into 1 *.mif file….amazing work dude……

    Now what I did was I made a xml file which told the phone to look for all the 15 folders and I gave links for these special folders to Xone’s mif………which you store in "C:\resource\apps\Menu.mif” so now it should work on all hacked devices……

    I have not tested it but can someone please test it on N73 if you have hacked it:

    Copy the “Menu.mif” (In the attachment below) into "C:\resource\apps\.....allow overwrite if needed and copy the “appshelldata” (also in the attachment below) to C\Private\101f4cd2\content reboot phone and you should have all 15 folders…..

    Now I was gonna tell you the structure of the xml file (if your confussed it’s the appshelldata file) how it finds the icons I’m sorry I wondered off but please do test this out on an hacked N73 or N80 and tell us if it worked……

    Ok now in the xml file your gonna find a line like this: this line is for the music folder:

    “<appshell:folder positioned="1" title_name="Music" long_name="Music" short_name="Music" applicationgroup_name="music" icon_file="C:\resource\apps\Menu.mif" m3g_icon_file="musicf.m3g" icon_id="16390" mask_id="16391" icon_skin_major_id="101F86E3" icon_skin_minor_id="1bda">”

    The appshell folder part tells the phone this is a folder, the position is where to place it in the menu now if another application or folder is in that position it just adds 1 to it and so on until it finds a place, the title, long name and short name are obviously just what the folder is called and the group doesn’t really matter. Alrite now the important parts come; the “icon_file="C:\resource\apps\Menu.mif" is where to find the icon, the “m3g_icon_file="musicf.m3g" now I’m not really sure what this is for but its I think the animation name for that icon as I have noticed all the animated icons have these .m3g links and all the non animated ones don’t…there could be a place where the animations are stores we’ll see about that in the future. Carrying on the “icon_id="16390" mask_id="16391" is where the icon is stored in the mif file…now do now get confused here…the “icon_file="C:\reso….. is where the mif is stores and the icon id and mask id are the icons location within the mif……ok the icon_id is always even number and the mask_id is always 1+ the Icon Id as you can see above. Ok now the last and really important part the ‘icon_skin_major_id’ and ‘icon_skin_minor_id’ this I don know what is but these values allow us change the folder icons in carbide---This is where Zeq’s amazing trick comes into play:
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