I hope I can get some help here, not sure which area to post my request in.

So I am looking for an easy way to get my films from my old VHS tapes down to DVD, I would also like to put my DV digital camera recording on to DVD, I know I can use my computer to put my DV camera recordings on to DVD, but I may want to put say 3 or 4hours of camera recordings on a DVD and from my last tries I am not able to get much more than 70 minutes of recordings on a standard DVD.

So now to what I think is a good idea, if I buy a Toshiba RDXV47 / DVD/HDD/VHS Recorder, I can put all my old VHS recordings on to a DVD and use long/extra play so I can get many hours of recordings on a standard DVD, I can also record and edit my DV camera films on to the Toshiba HD and then put it on to DVD again using from standard to long play.

I can pick one of these HD/DVD/VHS recorders up for £165 so to me it looks a very good idea. So can anyone here give me any information on this unit or a better one around the same price as I don't wish to spend much more money, or if there is a better way please tell my how I can do it.

I hope this is the best area to post my request.

I look forward to any help you can give.