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    Default UIQ3 Hacking discussions

    Hi ~
    How to see what in the private folder,c and d disk? Let me tell you.
    But sorry for my poor english.I am chinese.
    You can know all from the pictures below.

    Step 1.
    download all the usefull software.

    1. pc suite (you can download from offcial website)
    2. AppTRK.sis (47.1KB) (
    3. python-2.5.1
    4. win32-py2.5
    5. pyserial-2.2.win32
    6. (copy to c:\)
    (for 3-6 ,you can download them in a pack from the link:Secured URL,new download point,14MB,then unpack)

    Step 2.
    Install all the software.

    AppTRK.sis on your phone .The others on PC by order in default

    Step 3.
    COM port

    Run pc suite覧USB with your phone覧Phone model
    My computer覧attribute 覧hardware覧Device Manager覧com and LPT
    You will say "SE M600 appliction port (com6),se pc connect port (com7)
    memory it.

    Step 4.
    Edit the file

    Open it with notebook .
    Find the trip " ser = serial.Serial(4) # I have COM5"
    You can use the "ctrl +F" order.
    Then change 4 to 5,change 5 to 6.
    Save it.

    Step 5.
    Run AppTRK.sis

    PC suite覧USB with your phone 覧run AppTRK.sis覧show connceted
    If not ,change the port 2 to 1.

    Step 6.
    CMD and success

    After a few seconds,it will show">close ,>End+Exit", you have succed.

    Step 7.
    Try it

    open x-plore or swissmanagerpro
    open the private folder ,c:\ or d:\

    Aha ,do you see?
    Then you can something that you have wished.
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