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Maxwell Render

Fixed: a crash in 64 bits with Tiff and EXR image formats.
Fixed: instances of objects in hierarchies are now properly rendered.
Fixed: issue resuming MXI files with instances.
Fixed: issue resuming MXI files.
Added command line option "-stdout" to print the render messages in the standard output.

Fixed: issue with font size.
Maxwell Studio / Maxwell Material Editor

Fixed: strange mapping in cubic projector when the scale in Y and Z was different.
Fixed: the offset in cubic and flat mapping that was revealed only if tile was unchecked.
Fixed: an issue with the position of instances with pivot outside of the origin.
Fixed: normalize projector (real scale) was not working well for objects with different Bbox lenght in the 3 axis.
Fixed: normalize projector (real scale) was not working well for objects previously scaled in Maxwell Studio.
Instances in groups are properly loaded.
Import/Replace: several situations that were crashing Maxwell Studio have been fixed, and also an issue with conflicts with triangle groups.
Fixed crash: Selection operations in triangle selection mode.
Fixed: an issue generating UVs in plane objects (scale = 0 in any axis). It was causing some scenes to fail when saving (especially some dxf files).
Fixed: export to obj failed if the name of the object contained the character "/".
Fixed crash: exporting to obj with a null object selected. Now obj exports the whole hierarchy of the selected object.
Fixed crash: reverting or recalculating normals of group objects.
Implemented new preference to display all the instances, not only the ones of the selected objects.
The painting instances routines have been modified: for instance, if an object has 200 instances and the limit of displayed instances is 25, it does not paint the first 25, but it distributes the instances over the 200 (1, 5, 9…).
When an instance is created, the attributes hidden/hidden to camera, etc. are copied from the parent object.
Fixed: scale/rotate scene with objects having transforms. Scaling depends of course on the pivot position. Now the whole scene is scaled as if the pivot of all the objects is in the world origin.
Fixed: a problem looking for missing textures.
Fixed: some issues loading tiffs and exr's.
Fixed: reversing normals no longer breaks the texture coordinates.
Fixed: when hitting "Enter" in the floating render options dialog, the "set mxs output" dialog was launched. This issue could also occur in other panels.
MXED: Fixed an issue looking for missing textures in the same path where the MXM is located.

Fixed opengl display issues.


Maxwell Render

There is a sync issue with shutterspeed/ISO on the Preview tab and the Emixer tab.
Instances intersecting other objects can in some cases decrease the benchmark number.
Motion blur is not supported with instances or displacement.
Instances are not supported with displacement.
Maxwell Studio / Maxwell Material Edito

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