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Thread: Py_Shakelock V1.0.4

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    Default Py_Shakelock V1.0.4

    Shake ya phone hard, to lock or unlock the keypad

    ShakeLock (Beta) - Shake ya phone hard to lock or unlock the keypad
    Current release version - 1.0.4

    Python S60 version - 1.4.1
    Devices supported - Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N82

    Notes :
    Certificate Error: You will get a "Expired Certificate" error during installation for current release, to over come this follw the steps below:
    Change your phone date to March 2007
    Install the app
    Change back your phone date to current date.

    Sensitivity settings:
    Normal sensitivity settings are as follows
    Lock - 2
    Unlock - 2
    You can set a higher value for unlock and a lower value for lock for best experience ( ie 1 for Lock and 3 for Unlock acording to usage).

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