Log into a remote machine from your Nokia phone. PuTTY is a free SSH client developed by Simon Tatham and others. This is a port by Petteri Kangaslampi to the Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition. The current version contains basic SSH protocol support & terminal emulation.

The built-in fonts in PuTTY can be quite small, especially on new S60 3rd edition devices with high-resolution screens. Simply install the desired font included in the additional fonts package and PuTTY will recognize the font when you start it the next time.

The current S60 3rd edition version can only be installed in device memory.

  • Fixes the Send (green) key to repeat the last command again and adds a backup resource.
  • Completely rewritten S60 user interface.
  • Fixes a number of S60 3rd edition bugs, including connection issues and crashes when changing displays on an E90.