# first software which can READ any zone of flash (Main, File System, Eeprom, EROM) and save the file in REGULAR format - it can be used later as input exactly like original files
# first software which accepts UNSIGNED flash files as input for write to phone
# Multiple interfaces to connect to phone: Cruiser/Fighter 4 in 1 cable, DSS-20/25 SEMC sync station, T28 serial cable (only for new ARM SEMC phones), Terminator dongle, (JAF and Twister/UFS will be added)
# full repair flashes available in Support Area, allow EASY (kids job) repair of ANY software damage of new SEMC phones
# not need any testpoints on ANY CID, works on all models and Flash/OTP CID numbers (16, 29, 36)
# automaticaly convert RED CID 36 phones to BROWN (to allow unlocking) and after opertaion is done, convert back to RED (user not need to manualy do this operations)
# automaticaly recover damaged certificates, without any selection of files from user, based on OTP CID number.
# super fast write flash, 8 MBytes in less than 2 min. based on algorithm idea from GTI box
(921kbps on DB2010 platform and 430kbps on DB2000 platform)
# same super fast read flash speed
# easy convert K750 to W800, D750 to K750, V800 to Z800, F500 to K500 (also back conversion is possible too).
# no need multiple operations to repair or convert phones, software was developed to allow very easy using
# collected ideas and features (only the good ones) from more tools already available on market

My Regards