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Thread: PyMoneta V1.0 -The Trick of The Coin!

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    Default PyMoneta V1.0 -The Trick of The Coin!

    "Pymoneta" it is a new application compatible with OS 9.2 (N95 and N95 8 GB) that it allows you to use your telephone to make the trick of the coin. To know what the trick of the coin is to look, before using the application, the video (.flv format) that I have unloaded from youtube using emtube and that I attach here or visit,please, hxxp:// VERY IMPORTANT: "pymoneta" it asks for python V1.4.1 and the accelerometer.I am sorry it. I have just found the application and I don't have other information and other screen to the moment. Merry Christmas to everybody!
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