PDAMill Jewel Master *Retail*

# Now supports 240x240 Square Screen devices also!
# Exciting new game features such as remote controlled gates toggled
by magic switches; 90° rotation of the screen; many new enemies;
growing amoebas and deadly lava; tricky doors and keys; and much more...
# 5 new worlds (Candy Land; Swamp World; Mexican Desert; Arctic Iceland and
Scary Cemetery).
# 100 Game levels and 20 Tutorial levels.
# New tools and weapons including detonators and dynamite; timed
bombs; the ability to kick objects and stone-smashing
# Various doors and matching key combinations.
# Cool sound effects and two different soundtracks!
# Perfect cave solutions awarded extra scores and trophy cups!
# Save/load game feature which lets you save and continue your game
# Eight 'beamable' slave slots!
# Ability to post Highscores to the Internet, Highscores and Saved games can
be beamed... even between different platform releases via Irda or Bluetooth!
# Portrait or landscape mode, player controlled Hints System as well as the
option to play as either Johnny™ or his sister Sarah™.
# Enjoy huge game levels; hi-resolution graphics; hi-fidelity SFX and music…!

Download Instructions: [CODE]http://www.4shared.com/file/30054273/4d3b8ea2/PDAmill_Jewel_Master.html