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Thread: FontRouter[1] LT for v9 Build20071109 unsigned

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    Default FontRouter[1] LT for v9 Build20071109 unsigned

    latest FontRouter LT 2007.11.09 installation and arbitrary replacement of font integrity teaching articles (solve剃头shaving tail phenomenon) ★
    ★ ☆ thank oasisfeng author greatly ★ ☆

    FontRouter - LT.20071109.SIS
    FontRouter LT for Symbian 9 Beta (Build 20071109)
    ★ ☆ thank oasisfeng author greatly ★ ☆

    Text installation steps:
    Not installable ~
    先至official network to download the latest 20071109 version of the installation of drivers to choose from memory Cary!
    The use of the font will be put to stall XXX.TTF E: \ DATA \ FONTS or C: \ DATA \ FONTS Lane!
    Immediately after the end of two steps shutdown reopened ~ Text can be perfect show ★
    Text files → C: \ DATA \ FONTS → installation fontRouter - LT20071109.SIS → shutdown has reopened → Text
    (E: \ DATA \ FONTS)
    To install the fonts had to first remove the previous edition of fontRouter.SIX drivers,
    Official net again to download the latest 20071109 version of drivers to choose to install memory Cary,
    The use of the font will be put to stall XXX.TTF E: \ DATA \ FONTS or C: \ DATA \ FONTS Lane! Shutdown reopened Text has witnessed ★
    Text files → C: \ DATA \ FONTS → remove the older version of Driver → installation fontRouter - LT20071109.SIS
    (E: \ DATA \ FONTS) → shutdown has reopened → Text
    Replacement of the new fonts:
    Y-BROWSER - 082 (16) will then copy the new font file to C: \ DATA \ FONTS affix files to be reopened ★ shutdown
    (Document dynamic, X-PLORE .... etc. document management program can)
    Resolve剃头shaving tail:
    Laws FontRouter.ini of content, the following numerical changes. INI official predetermined path for the E: \ DATA \ FONTS underneath
    Before the change after change
    FixCharMetrics = 0 => FixCharMetrics = 1
    ★ attention than this one oh FixFontMetrics = 0 Taken out stickers so much like to remind you that if the two are to become one, it is all right but remember
    FixCharMetrics = 0 must become 1 District ~ so剃头shaving tail phenomenon can be eliminated ★
    ☆ below do not want to see the people can not see a @ @ in-depth understanding of people want to look at喽^. ^ ☆
    Described as follows:
    Uh ~ because the author will be 1109's default font for the default path: \ DATA: \ FONTS \ *.*, and in direct phone stalls will be thrown into new fonts
    C: \ DATA \ FONTS, the original Old Text files will be automatically moved back to the second pick, and the author if the driver is in the font FONTS more than one stall
    Months, will be the first Text to stall the implementation of the program as a file ★ So there will be no revision of the INI file is really greatly benefit喽~ if thrown into new
    Text files can be smoothly after the re-boot to complete ★ change if the use of N95's but they still have to significantly revise INI Institute, a local, because the original official
    The INI file to the default value of 0 ~ if installed directly will have剃头shaving tail phenomenon
    ★ According to the author of this method greatly modified by the various models applicable to solve剃头shaving tail method ★
    That and other recommendations:
    (With their favorite name)
    The Text file would like to have on E: \ folder, it is necessary to change when Add C: \ DATA \ FONTS Lane.
    ● filled to some people feel that the memory card on the phone more security, but give up the use of a mode of transmission than inconvenient ●
    ● filled to the use of mobile phones in the transmission mode can be more convenient, but more trouble in the event of problems or repairs ● lattice plane
    ☆ Text files are usually not a problem, it should be phones without worrying about causing harm,
    Unless the driver is also installed in the phone is not recommended to be installed in the cell phone drivers,
    Grid machine easily lead to the new version of INI has E: \ RESOURCE change the path for the E: \ DATA \ FONTS,
    This change is to address the past, the installation of fonts or change fonts,
    Often blinking白屏, crippling, has been re-boot to the phenomenon of adventure but is still not filled to the good ☆ phone
    ● multiple fonts stalls exist E: \ DATA \ FONTS underground phone memory will account for only ~ So a release like,
    Up to three just to avoid phone temporary space is insufficient. ●
    ● INI file new version has support for the default path to a default fonts stalls, so do not need to store the font exclusive INI ●
    ● document management files recommend the use of Y-BROWSER - 082 (16) version, because some version seems not display correctly INI file contents ●
    ● due to the default official: FixCharMetrics = 0, this will result in the installation of some cell phone models will be剃头shaving after the end of the phenomenon,
    Therefore, in the phone, one of the INI file backup to amend FixCharMetrics = 1 so that the coverage when the original INI file.
    Also available on computer operation amendments to the original will be used has been revised to delete the INI and backup, not only each revision. ●
    ★ principle applies to all the above methods can be installed fontRouter - LT20071109.SIS of handset models ~ this does not guarantee ★
    ● change fonts currently installed and the experience and methods that these喽, some may not think of missing, do not know how to ask the
    喽`I wish you all a smooth installation and change, the use of unpleasant ~喵喵next goal is to show that many fonts can successfully ^. ^ ●
    ☆ PS: Laws font size, thickness Do not ask喵喵District ~ .. I read so many not bother to examine the @ @挺累people said ☆
    FontRouter - LT.20071109.SIS-net download page official website: Select the second oh
    FontRouter LT for Symbian 9 Beta (Build 20071109)

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