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Thread: Exclusive:Route 66 on SYmbian phones{hot}

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    Wink Exclusive:Route 66 on SYmbian phones{hot}

    Route 66 MAXI

    The new ROUTE 66 MAXI is the smartest widescreen navigator. It gives you super-sharp HighDef™ maps, safety camera alerts and more with a generous widescreen 4.3 inch screen. Navigate door to door with the MAXI · EUROPE’s preinstalled map of Western Europe.

    State-of-the-art navigation: Simply plug in and navigate straight out of the box with the MAXI. The MAXI’s 4.3 inch driver-friendly touchscreen and unique QuickSearch™ destination finder make this the easiest navigator to use. HighDef™ super-sharp and accurate maps, and millions of pre-loaded points-of-interest like hotels, restaurants and petrol stations get you where you want to go.
    Safety built-in: Travelling with the MAXI is safe and fast with built-in safety camera info.
    Easy, inexpensive updates: ROUTE 66 Sync home software gets you ready for your next trip with free or inexpensive downloads. Easily update and personalize your MAXI with new maps, voices, colour schemes, weather forecasts and even Lonely Planet™ travel guides!
    West-European map coverage included: This MAXI comes pre-loaded with the map of Western Europe. And you can always buy extra maps for new destinations via the ROUTE 66 Sync home software included in the box.
    Want to go wireless? Get the ROUTE 66 WIRELESS CAR KIT – an optional accessory for the MAXI – for hands-free calling on your mobile with Bluetooth, an FM link to your car stereo, built-in power charger and a light sensor that automatically switches the screen view from day to night.
    Note: Free safety camera information is available in A, AND, B, CZ, DK, E, F, FIN, FL, GB, GR, H, I, N, NL, PL, S.

    Work On
    Lenovo P930


    Nokia 3250

    Nokia 6260

    Nokia 6600

    Nokia 6620

    Nokia 6630

    Nokia 6670

    Nokia 6680

    Nokia 6681

    Nokia 6682

    Nokia 7610

    Nokia E50

    Nokia E60

    Nokia E61

    Nokia E62

    Nokia E70

    Nokia N70

    Nokia N71

    Nokia N72

    Nokia N73

    Nokia N80

    Nokia N90

    Nokia N91

    Nokia N92

    Nokia N93

    Panasonic X700

    Panasonic X800

    Samsung SGH-D720

    Samsung SGH-D728

    Samsung SGH-D730

    Samsung SGH-Z600

    TO DOWNLOAD =====> Secured URL

    OR Secured URL
    OR Secured URL
    OR Secured URL

    RAR PASS in the attachments


    How to use:
    YOU need a card reader.
    1-Extract the downloaded file
    2-transport the "( ROUTE66 )" file to "( system\apps )" File in the memory card which it can be hidden(to get it Tools-Folder options-
    view-showhidden files and folders).
    3-transport "( fonts)" file to "( system )" in the memory card.
    4-put your memory card into your phone and go to Applications and you'll find ROOTE66 AND START IT.

    [CODE]password :[/CODE]
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