A survey conducted by the China Health Commission, the number of persons with hair loss in China has exceeded 250 million. That is 1 out of 6 persons have had hair loss.

There is also information, showing that, on common, there is one hair loss for every four adult males in China within the age range of 20 to 40 several years. The fastest hair loss is within the 30 year age bracket.

It is interesting to note that this generation is 20 years announced than the previous generationís hair loss age. This trend isnít common to China alone but In addition occurs in other regions.

Xiaomi has crowdfunded the COSBEAUTY LLLT laser hair growth cap what is touted to effect healthy new hair growth in 12 weeks. The gadget comes with a crowdfunding price of 1499 yuan ($211).

The COSBEAUTY LLLT laser hair growth cap is equipped with 81 beams of laser light to reach full coverage of the scalp. It utilises a high-value baseball cap design and weighs only 210g.COSBEAUTY LLLT laser hair growth cap
The LLLT performs in 2 primary ways;

1. Blocking androgens destroys hair follicles
Medical experts finger the conversion of Dihydrotestosterone from the male hormone testosterone as the main culprit of most hair loss. The cap protects the hair by blocking the binding of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to hair follicle receptor (AR) thus, protect the hair follicles from being damaged by dihydrotestosterone.COSBEAUTY LLLT laser hair growth cap
2. Supply energy molecules ATP, ROS, With no to reactivate hair follicles
The human hair follicles are divided into a growth phase, degenerative phase, and resting phase. The COSBEAUTY LLLT laser hair growth cap uses a 650nm medical laser to accurately reach the roots of 3-5mm hair follicles, activate the hair follicles in the degenerative and resting phases, and re-enter the healthy growth phase.

According to the firm, there are only a handful of certified hair growth devices. COSBEAUTY electric laser hair growth products have not only passed the stringent CFDA certification, however Furthermore passed the FDA certification, what utterly meets the technical requirements for hair growth medical gadgets, ensuring safety and effectiveness.
A clinical report carried by the Beijing Friendship Hospital verified that 80.9% of patients with hair loss experienced significant hair growth treatment.
The gadget is already available for crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin. We canít say if the device will discover its way into the international market any time soon.
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