When you opt Mut 20 coins to take a trip it is similar to most of Path of Exile's dungeonsthe map is linear. The Crawler will start working its way into the end, slowing or speeding up to keep pace while hordes of creatures attack. Adhere to the light in the Crawler and you'll be safe--but where is the fun in that?

Players will spy all sorts of treasures Since the Crawler moves throughout the dungeon. You can risk trying to grab them for additional sweet loot, but each second spent away from the light will drain your health. What's worse, monsters will attempt to ambush you and save you from making it back into the Crawler in time. It is a tense game of risk versus reward at each step, especially if you're like me and hate the notion of leaving treasure supporting.

In the future the Crawler leaves behind a string of lights. Those lights illuminate, once it reaches the end of the map. After you survive one final fight against a boss or waves of enemies, the delve is complete and you are free to return and hazard diving to darkened regions you jumped.
Even if you're risk-averse and adhere to the light, delves will nevertheless offer great rewards and nail-biting challenges. Grinding Gear Games has included several new critters with abilities that twist together with the Crawler. 1 example I was revealed was a creature that emits EMP bursts that briefly shut off the Crawler's light completely.
Players are going to have their own supply of mild to rely on in those dire moments. Flares could be thrown on the ground to illuminate places. They are rare, though, which means you are going to need to ration them accordingly. Wilson explains that while some treasures are only a couple of meters beyond the light of their Crawler and can probably be reached before health runs out, much rarer items can be found much further off the beaten path. Players can risk it by making a pathway of flares, but these flares do not last forever. You'll need to maneuver quickly and survive monster attacks to make it back.
Of course, this really is Path of Exile and there always need to be layers of choice-driven progress behind every system. In the mines, gamers will come across a source named Azurite that may be spent on upgrading the Crawler and their flares. Players can raise the light radius of both to give them more room to maneuver when fighting, enlarge their complete capacity for Voltaxic Sulphite or flares so they can go on more delves, or they can boost more passive stats such as immunity to the draining shadow.

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