I'm sure that in this forum most have played games at least a few times, so what do you think about the game in general or the games you usually play in particular ??? In my opinion, games are a very healthy form of entertainment and suitable for teenagers. It helps players practice sharp thinking. With games that require you to brainstorm (puzzle games), you have to think a lot to get through the game. Thereby you have trained yourself to be persistent and have increased your own IQ. As for the action games (Countervailing), typically Secured URL, this type of game is a mix of Action and Puzzle. Anyone who has played the above games may find that interleaving into shootings is a tricky problem that requires you to think. RPG games (Role Playing Games) are games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Suikoden ... are the games where you control many characters to fight. This genre is mixed with Action. As for the Strategy game (strategy), Starcaft, Wacraft, Age of Empire. This type of game is very popular in many places so you probably know a lot about it already. You will control the farmer to look for materials or gold to build a mighty army so that when needed, let out and fight. If you do not think properly, it is difficult to win because you need to strategy, in the name of it. The strategy here is how to exploit gold most effectively, how to build the fastest troops, how to defeat their troops in an instant. Each type of army has a different strength and weakness so that we can easily capture the opponent or let the opponent capture us. This type of game helps us to think more broadly about everything that happens in the game, not only bring troops to fight and then run away like ducks but also have to think about how to fight really effectively.

Through this you can see somewhat about the appeal and benefits of the game. Parents have people who misunderstand about the game, so when they see their children playing the game, they are flat to death: D. However the game is not harmful. Playing a game a lot will increase your myopia or will have a great effect on the nerve. But it is in the case of playing all day night and night, playing to the dark face: D. However, if you play moderately, the game will be a very very very interesting solution.
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