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Thread: ** Latest Pinoy Movies ** TAROT (2009) **

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    Default ** Latest Pinoy Movies ** TAROT (2009) **

    In our desire to keep our kababayans updated with the latest movies being shown in the Philippines, we are dedicating this thread to fullfil that goal.

    Please upload here all 'advanced' copy (CAMRiP, TeleSync, Screeners only) versions of the latest pinoy movies you can share. Note however that this thread is not created to negatively discriminate from the original Pinoy Movies Only thread, but to satisfy a different set of 'crave' by people who really can't wait for the official release of video copies to the video shops. All DVD/VCD quality pinoy movies should however be posted at the original Pinoy Movies Only thread.

    Enjoy guys,

    WingTip :rock:
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