Folder Vault(FV):

Worried of protecting your confidential files?
Thinking of preserving your personal files / private folder from others?

Folder Vault (FV) for iPhone is a free file hide expert to encrypt, lock & hide files into a safe gallery to keep safe your files from annoying snoopers and prying eyes.

Folder Vault is the best free file protection app that you can easily manage the folders or albums of photo gallery and view, move, delete and export locked pictures and videos.

File Locker Highlights:
• Hide photos - a safe folder using photo locker
• Video Locker - hide your private videos or comedy videos inside album locker with ease.
• Lock file & hide folders unlimitedly (No storage limitation for Secret app folder).

Special Features of Secure Gallery:
1. Disguise App Icon
Change the app icon with listed app icons to hide the presence of file locker app. No one knows you have a Photo lock or Video Lock app on your device.

2. Fake Crash
Confuse others with a fake crash message when attempted to open the folder vault App

3. Break-in Alerts (Intruder Selfie)
On entering a wrong password, folder vault will automatically take a picture of the person with entered password, date & time

4. Recycle Bin
Deleted app hider files accidentally! No worries, it can be restored or recovered from recycle bin within 60 days from the date of deletion

5. Random PIN Keyboard
Password keyboard of my photos App will be randomly changed every time, so that nearby person cannot guess hide my folder app password, so all photo folder files will be safe inside a secure folder (vault for pictures).

More features of File Hide App:
• Recover password using registered email & security questions
• Lock and Unlock Bulk private files / picture folder
• Set your favourite image (Set cover) as locked folder thumbnail
• Gallery locker has an in-built photo viewer
• Video hider has an in-built video player with support for HD Video files
• Lock & preview GIF animations inside Gallery photo lock App
• Move locked files between folder vault album
• Share locked files directly from Folder vault app

Folder Vault (FV) is the Must-Have App for protecting your privacy from scammers in the digital world. With Folder Vault your privacy is well protected and safe.


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