Adobe Flash Player 7 for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 based Smartphones. Now you can play few SWF applications or stream YouTube Flash videos through Opera Mobile or Internet Explorer Mobile on your Windows Mobile Smartphone.

how to do:

1) Download SPFlashHack and extract the contents to a folder on your desktop
2) Install a free registry editor such as this one on your Smartphone and import the All.reg from folder “Step 1 - Registry import” into the registry
3) Goto the Root Directory of the Smartphone from Explorer and copy the folder named Windows from the folder called “Step 2 - Windows directory copy” in the RAR file
4) Copy flash.dll from the folder “Step 3 - flash6″ on desktop to \Windows\Macromedia on the Smartphone and overwrite it.
5) Copy regsvrce.exe from the fodler “Step 4 - regserv” to your Smartphone and run it. Enter \Windows\Macromedia\flash.dll as the full pathname. This will register “.swf” under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT in the registry of your Smartphone. You should get a prompt for Ok and then Yes later on.
6) Copy flash.dll from folder “Step 5 - Flash7″ to \Windows\Macromedia and overwrite it.

To install Flash Player 7 on a Storage card in your Smartphone:

1) Download and import this registry key in your Smartphone (differnt from the one in the SPFlashHack.
2) Copy everything but the Macromedia folder from the folder “Step 2 - Windows directory copy” into the \Windows folder on your Smartphone.
3) Change to the \Storage Card directory on your Smartphone, create a subdirectory named Windows inside and copy the Macromedia subdirectory (containing flash.dll) in there
4) Rest of the steps remain same as above except that while registering flash.dll in regsvrce, specify \Storage Card\Windows\Macromedia\flash.dll in the Full pathname.