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Thread: *** Official N73 Discussion, experiences & problems thread ***

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    Question *** Official N73 Discussion, experiences & problems thread ***

    Due to the number of threads about the N73, this thread is now the Official N73 Discussion and problems thread.

    Some of the posts won't make sense due to merging them but any problems, just ask - Dansco


    I've got a Nokia N73 about a month ago, and the problems just keep occuring and occuring, and its gettin more and more frequent recently.

    The problems are,

    • It restarts or shuts off by itself
    • It takes a long time to complete sending an sms
    • Sometimes the camera takes a picture, but it is not saved, not even the preview is shown, but the snapshot sound goes off.

    I don't keep pictures in my phone, each time I connect it with my computer, all the images I have in my phone are saved into my comp and deleted in my phone.

    Please, help will be greatly appreciated, especially the one with the sms. It really is annoying when I sms more than 1 person at a time.
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