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Thread: Share Your e-Book Links Here

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    Smile Share Your e-Book Links Here

    I've read that most people, who provide the books, got their books through mIRC. Pray tell what channel and which server you find yours at and a little bit of the details i.e. this channel is good for .prc only or classical or fantasy.

    I don't know whether a similar thread had been posted.

    I just found back the old thread. I think this is absolutely important for us e-book readers and it is in-topic, IMHO. Anyway, an average ebook forum member such as yours truly would not even think to go to other sections. I was wondering for a long time where the thread went.

    Please refrain from posting thank-yous or requests.
    Only links, please, and if possible describe the site [forum/direct download/p2p/technical/medical/all the other -cals]

    Please vote to keep this thread here and possibly sticky it.

    Hey-ho, let's go:-

    European Undernet server - #bookz

    dead site

    dead link

    dead site

    dead site

    dead site

    dead site

    dead site - Science Fiction by Doctorow, Cory

    dead link

    dead site

    Foreign Language Books - Japanese

    replaced / changed content - Various - Mandarin

    Misc - "Russian site but browsable" - Gutenberg - Old, hard to find books - for Newsgroup users

    dead site

    dead site

    dead site - Turn off pop-up blockers

    dead site

    * * * - Rapidshare links - Also comics here - Sharing folder of Mr. Dar**** Shah - Google customized ebooks search - "Password of the file (eg 112 etc without space)"

    Thank and add rep to Arvinsha for most of these links. I haven't tested most of the links though.
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