Stainless steel is the most practical and durable option for protective products. High resistance to mechanical and corrosion damage and overall manufacturability make this material very effective in use. In addition to good decorative qualities, such products are resistant to corrosion, which has a positive effect on the overall service life.
Protective Secured URL are available in a different configuration, which is selected based on the options for the intended use. Design features are determined by the installation site. This changes the production technology.

There are the most popular options:

stair railings;
railings of parapets and ramps;
Secured URL;
security systems at the entrance to the building;
construction of stairwells.
Enclosing systems made of stainless steel can be used in different areas. In addition to these options, there are products for swimming pools and fountains. Due to the aesthetic qualities and the absence of degradation when exposed to moisture stainless steel elements are ideal for use in the open space.
Installation of protective systems is carried out with the help of special fasteners that are installed around the perimeter. Anchor and bolt connections are selected for reliability. Installation is carried out by rigid fastening to concrete or metal base.

Anchors are hammered to a depth of 12-15 mm, depending on the type of prefabricated parts used. Before installation, a detailed calculation is carried out, which allows you to determine the exact number of fasteners. From correct Secured URL depend on the bearing characteristics.