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Thread: ** Favorite 3-Points Shooter, Dunker & Blocker, NBA Players' Nicknames @ Pg. 2 **

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    Thumbs up ** Favorite 3-Points Shooter, Dunker & Blocker, NBA Players' Nicknames @ Pg. 2 **

    Hi basketball fans,

    In this thread, we will discuss about your favourite 3 points shooter, dunker and blocker.This thread is not similar to thread which discuss about your favourite but it is more focusing about your 3 points shooters, blockers and dunkers in more specifics and details.

    Let's start this thread, my favourite 3-point shooters are Allen Iverson (6ft), Rasheed Wallace (6ft 11in), Steve Nash(6ft 3in) and Dirk Nowitzki(7ft).

    My favourite dunker is Vince Carter (6ft 6in) as he make famous the Inverted 360 Windmill dunk, Elbow dunk (hanging over the rim) and Between the legs dunk.He also had been jump over French 7ft 2in Frédéric Weis during the 2000 Summer Olympic in Sydney before.The French News called it "Le Dunk De La Mort" which means the Dunk of Death.

    My favourite blocker is Ben Wallace (6ft 9in) who had won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year four times in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006.He had been blocked Shaquille O'Neal's shot during game 5 of Eastern Conference and his total blocks is 1,297.

    Btw, does anybody know what kind of foods which can make us tall as my height only 5ft 6in and I need my height to be atleast 6ft 3in? Or does anybody what kind of exercises which can make our leap higher?Hope anybody will help me.

    you can see a list of your NBA players' nicknames @ here.

    Hope anybody will post their opinion here too.
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